Uptime is a very important factor to determine the reliability of a web site. In order to win the trust of their potential customers, right now more and more web hosting companies add the uptime guarantee into their product features. And in the shared web hosting market sector, the industry average uptime is 99.9%.

The uptime in above is network uptime actually, which means they haven't guarantee the accessible rate for your web site, and which is what we want actually. The network uptime is very hard to monitor, and actually, we are not too care about this. So, in below, we will talk about how to monitor the true uptime of your web site, which is used to determine the possibility of your site can be accessed by the internet users without any problem.

There are usually 2 ways you can know the true uptime of your web hosting.

Some web hosting companies will provide this service as free to you. And in order to make it be more trusted, they will leverage some 3rd party uptime monitoring companies and monitor the status of your server. Once your server is down, you will get a report. This kinds of free service from vendors is very few, and only can be seen in some dedicated or co-location hosting case. InmotionHosting Review of Client supports

So, the most realistic way is you to reach out to some professional uptime monitor companies, and ask them to monitor your status. There are many this kinds of companies in the world, and many of them will give you the free service, such as siteuptime.com, if you only want to monitor 1-2 domains, and the interval is not too small.

So, in above, you will see that you have to wait till you sign up the service with the vendor then you can really know their uptime. Considering in most cases, you can get certain period of free trial days, you can use it to verify the uptime to put your business in safe.

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